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With a little planning, anyone can take a good photo. There’s no need to hire a professional. Simply follow our guidelines to ensure a high-quality final image.

  • Take your photo mid-morning or mid-afternoon when the lower angle of the sun creates interesting highlights. Tree shadows add interest. Avoid noonday photos when the sun is directly overhead and can “wash out” details.

  • Sunny day photos with a blue sky work best. Fluffy white clouds can add interest.

  • Take the photo with the sun to your back or side to avoid sun glare.

  • Taking your photo at a slight angle to the house is often more interesting than one shot straight on.

  • Fill the photo frame with the whole house. Be sure to include chimney’s side, porches, front landscaping, etc.

  • Center the house in the photo frame side-to-side and top-to-bottom.

  • Avoid including undesirable items such as the street surface, automobiles, power lines, telephone poles, etc.

Maple Street Studio Gold Frame

DIMENSIONS - Gold and Silver Wood Frames

Image area and border 7 x 9

Image area with matting 12.5 x 10,5

Outside Frame 16 x 14

DIMENSIONS - Cherry, Coffee, Natural and Black Frames

REV Framed Sample 1.jpg

Image area with matting 12.5 x 10,5

Image area and border 7 x 9

Outside Frame 13.75 x 11.75

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